The precocious British cousins and regular guests on the <IT>Ellen <RO>show dress in their colorful tutus and plan a tea party with lots of glitter, chocolate and cotton candy, each inviting the other cousin to attend, then enjoy a girl talk while sharing tips on how to host a princess-style tea party. TV tie-in. - (Baker & Taylor)

Cousins Sophia Grace and Rosie plan a princess tea party, with invitations and costumes. - (Baker & Taylor)

<DIV>The precocious cousins from the ELLEN show host a princess tea party!<BR><BR><BR><BR>Following their breakout performance of Nicki Minaj's &quot;Super Bass&quot; on the ELLEN show, Sophia Grace and Rosie became YouTube sensations. After appearing numerous times on ELLEN, the girls have resonated with large audiences by dressing up in pink tutus and living out young girls' princess fantasies! These precocious cousins have charmed Ellen, her studio audiences, and millions of YouTube viewers with their British accents, delightful banter, princess dresses, singing and dancing talents, tea parties, and more!<BR><BR><BR><BR>In TEA TIME WITH SOPHIA GRACE AND ROSIE, the cousins plan a tea party with lots of pink, glitter, chocolate, and cotton candy. Each one is allowed to invite one guest--and they invite each other! Ultimately, the most fun part of the tea party is sitting around eating sweets and having girl talk. The book will feature photos of the girls as well as dazzling illustrations by Shelagh McNicholas. Plus, young girls will love the tips for how to host a tea party!</DIV> - (Scholastic)