A sumptuously illustrated reference for home cooks and preserving enthusiasts provides more than 100 seasonally organized recipes for options ranging from sweet preserves and savory pickles to produce and condiments, sharing related information about safety, nutrition and American preserving traditions. - (Baker & Taylor)

"A stylish, richly illustrated, practical guide for home cooks and preserving enthusiasts, the first cookbook from journalist Kevin West, author of the popular blog Savingtheseason.com. Incorporating classic favorites and new flavors, West gives us more than one hundred recipes, organized by season, for sweet preserves and savory pickles; easy-to-can vegetables and fruits; condiments such as relishes, chutneys, and salsas; and cordials, candies, and cocktails. Interspersed with the recipes are chroniclesof West's travels and the history of American preserving traditions from California to New Mexico to Long Island. A witty and erudite culinary companion, West makes a rich and entertaining story of the introductions to the recipes. Also included is a primer on preserving techniques that addresses issues of food safety and nutrition"-- - (Baker & Taylor)

Presents more than one hundred seasonally-organized recipes for canning, preserving, and pickling foods, ranging from sweet preserves and savory pickles to produce and condiments. - (Baker & Taylor)

<b>One of <i>The Atlantic</i>&rsquo;s Best Food Books of the Year</b><br> <b>A <i>Los Angeles Times</i>&#160;Holiday Gift-Giving Pick</b><br> <b>An Amazon Best Cookbook &amp; Food Writing Book of the Year</b><br><br>Strawberry jam. Pickled beets. Homegrown tomatoes. These are the tastes of Kevin West&rsquo;s Southern childhood, and they are the tastes that inspired him to &ldquo;save the season,&rdquo; as he traveled from the citrus groves of Southern California to the cranberry bogs of Massachusetts and everywhere in between, chronicling America&rsquo;s rich preserving traditions. <br> &#160;<br> Here, West presents his findings: 220 recipes for sweet and savory jams, pickles, cordials, cocktails, candies, and more; plus 300 full-color photographs. From Classic Apricot Jam to Green Tomato Chutney; from Pickled Asparagus with Tarragon and Green Garlic to Scotch Marmalade, <i>Saving the Season</i> is the ultimate guide for cooks &mdash; from the novice to the professional &mdash; and the only book you need to save (and savor) the season throughout the entire year. - (Random House, Inc.)