<br><br>Susanna Adams is too young to be a widow. She&#39;s still in her thirties! There will be no sitting around trying to fill empty days for her. Instead, she&#39;s accepted a big promotion, moved states and is embracing her own dreams again. She might even be open to a little romance.<br><br>The new plan doesn&#39;t unfold quite as smoothly as she expected. The job is a lot tougher thanks to Jay Canady, the man she&#39;ll eventually replace. Working with him and his high standards definitely tests her resolve. Not to mention all the sparks igniting between them. Office affairs have never factored on her radar, but Jay is so&#133;<em>hot,</em> she might make an exception. After all, this time it&#39;s all about <em>her.</em><br><br> - (Harlequin)