Mayhem ensues when Frannie, thrilled to be the flower girl in the wedding of her best friend's mother, discovers her latest calling--wedding planning. - (Baker & Taylor)

Preparing to serve as a flower girl in her best friend's mother's wedding, Frannie decides that she wants to be a wedding planner and works with Elliott and her new dog to make the day as special as possible, an effort that proves to be more complicated than anticipated. Simultaneous. - (Baker & Taylor)

Somebody's getting married! <br><br>Frannie has the important job of flower girl in her best friend Elliott's mother's wedding, and Frannie's new dog is the ring bearer! As Elliott's mother plans her wedding, Frannie discovers her latest calling: Wedding Planner! Frannie and Elliott work together to make sure his mother has the best wedding day ever, but with Frannie involved, you can count on some wedding-day mayhem. - (Penguin Putnam)