When the Aldens visit a university campus they must solve a mystery involving an old library whose stone gargoyles seem to move on their own. - (Albert Whitman & Co)

The Aldens visit Goldwin University, where Grandfather attended college. The old library is about to be torn down. But legend says the stone gargoyles guarding the roof of the old building will do anything to protect it—even fly. When the creatures begin appearing outside the windows, people are terrified. But the Boxcar Children think there is another reason the gargoyles are turning up in places they shouldn’t. And they’re determined to figure it out. - (Albert Whitman & Co)

Visiting her grandfather's prestigious alma mater and learning that its old library is about to be torn down in spite of a legend about its protective stone gargoyles, the Aldens hear reports of scary flying creatures and resolve to uncover the truth. Simultaneous. - (Baker & Taylor)