Drifter J. D. Cade returns to Whitehorn, Montana, where he renews old friendships and begins a new one with Dr. Carey Hall, but a secret he has kept for over twenty-five years may threaten their new relationship. - (Baker & Taylor)

<p> <br><br>He was a loner, a drifter...and the only man who could save a little girl's life. But to do that J. D. Cade would have to reveal a secret he'd kept for over twenty-five years--the secret that he was still alive.<br><br>J.D. certainly hadn't planned on staying in Whitehorn. But soon he was renewing old friendships--and forging a tempting new one. Vibrant and tender, Dr. Carey Hall didn't know who J.D. was, but she seemed ready to care for him. What would happen when she discovered J.D. was really Whitehorn's nearly forgotten golden boy--and she'd fallen prey to another Kincaid?<br><br> - (Harlequin Sales Corp)