<b >Could H.I.V.E. have finally turned Otto Malpense into an evil super-villain?</b><BR><BR>The leaders of the world&#8217;s villainous forces are being picked off one by one in a series of mysterious attacks, and when Dr. Nero finds out it is Otto who&#8217;s behind them, he has no choice but to issue a &#8220;capture or kill&#8221; order. Raven and Wing are desperate to save their friend and soon find themselves in a danger-filled race against time to track Otto down before other assassins get to him. Their pursuit takes them to a secret facility hidden deep within the Amazon rain forest, where they face a deadly mysterious operative.<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Meanwhile, back at the Higher Institute of Villainous Education, the school&#8217;s own automated defense systems turn against the pupils and staff of H.I.V.E.&#8212;and there is no one there to stop them&#8230;. - (Simon and Schuster)