A whimsical tribute to toddler tantrums features a temperamental preschool-aged dinosaur viewed from the perspective of his long-suffering caregiver at the height of a full-blown fit marked by enormous messes, disrespectful roaring and a movie monster-worthy rampage. - (Baker & Taylor)

Destructosaurus lays waste to a city, but he really is just looking for his teddy bear. - (Baker & Taylor)

Watch the unstoppable destructive force of a raging temper tantrum! Tremble at the enormous mess and disrespectful roaring! Despair as no amount of scolding can stem the heedless fury! Someone is heading for a time-out, Mister! Anyone who has witnessed (or been) a toddler in the throes of a full-blown fit will delight in this clever book's moviemonster rampage, and may just come away from it with a bit more sympathy for toddler <em>and</em> caregiver. - (CHRONICLE)