Detectives Steve Carella and Cotton Hawkes of the 87th Precinct hunt down a black-coated murderer who severs the hands of his victims with a meat cleaver. - (Baker & Taylor)

<p>A killer in the 87th Precinct is leaving behind severed hands as calling cards, putting Detectives Carella and Hawes back on the streets to end this murderous, gruesome streak.<p><p>&#8220;Imagine your favorite <i>Law &#38; Order</i> cast solving fresh mysteries into infinity, with no re-runs, and you have some sense of McBain&#8217;s grand, ongoing accomplishment.&#8221; &#8212;<i>Entertainment Weekly</i><p><p>&#8220;McBain has the ability to make every character believable&#8212;which few writers these days can do.&#8221; &#8212;<i>Associated Press</i><p> - (Brilliance Audio)