Displays the best exhibits, artwork, and projects in the Exploratorium museum, including a city built out of one hundred thousand toothpicks and a musical instrument that is powered by the ocean. - (Baker & Taylor)

Displays the best exhibits, artwork and projects created by hand, including a city built out of 100,000 toothpicks and a musical instrument that is powered by the ocean, and introduces the individuals behind these extraordinary works who create their own knowledge through making and doing. - (Baker & Taylor)

This Is Not Your Average Art Book.&nbsp;<BR> Brought to you by the Exploratorium&#39;s Tinkering Studio, <I>The Art of Tinkering </I> is an unprecedented celebration of what it means to tinker: to take things apart, explore tools and materials, and build wondrous, wild art that&rsquo;s part science and part technology. Join 150+ makers as they share the stories behind their beautiful and bold work and use this book to do some tinkering yourself. We do mean &ldquo;use this book&rdquo; in a literal sense&hellip; you won&rsquo;t even be able to reach the first page before using it.<BR><BR><I>The Art of Tinkering </I> is a collection of exhibits, artwork, and projects that celebrate a whole new way to learn, in which people create their own knowledge through making and doing, working with readily available materials, getting their hands dirty, collaborating with others, problem-solving in the most fun sense of the word, and, yes, oftentimes failing and bouncing back from getting stuck.<BR><BR> Each artist featured in <I> The Art of Tinkering </I> goes through this process, and lovingly shares the backstory behind their own work so that readers can feel invited to join in on the whimsy. Whether it&rsquo;s sharing their favorite tools (who knew toenail clippers could be so handy?) or offering a glimpse of their workspaces (you&rsquo;d be amazed how many electronics tools you can pack into one pantry!), the stories, lessons, and tips in <I>The Art of Tinkering </I> offer a fascinating portrait of today&rsquo;s maker scene.<BR> <BR>Artists include:<BR> Learn from greats like Scott Weaver, Arthur Ganson, Moxie, Tim Hunkin, AnnMarie Thomas, Ranjit Bhatnajar and Jie Qi. - (Simon and Schuster)