"In this book, young readers will learn about the diet, habitat, behavior and early life of gray wolves"-- - (Baker & Taylor)

Shares information about the diet, habitat, behavior, and early life of gray wolves. - (Baker & Taylor)

In the spring, a gray wolf mother makes a den in a hole in a hillside and has four tiny, cuddly pups inside. After giving birth, the mother wolf stays in the den for three weeks, tending to her babies' every need. When the mother has to leave the den to go hunting, helpers watch over the pups, but cooperation isn't limited to family life. Gray wolves also work together to take down large animals such as elk and moose. In this coming-of-age introduction to gray wolves, readers will see how these pups learn hunting skills and what it takes to survive on their own. The lively text, colorful pages, and exquisite photos are sure to delight and engage emergent readers. - (Bearport Pub Co Inc)