"Changelings, gryphons, and gods get in the way of us mortals who are struggling to find someone to fall in love with, something interesting to do, somewhere to run to"-- - (Baker & Taylor)

Collects six mythical and science fiction stories about such characters as a troll, gryphons, a dog, an owl, a minotaur, and an alien cat. - (Baker & Taylor)

<div></div><div>Six new earthbound and airy stories from a two-time winner of both the Carnegie Medal and Whitbread Award.</div> - (Perseus Publishing)

<div>In these collection, you will find stories that range from the mythic to contemporary fantasy to science fiction. You will find a troll, gryphons, a beloved dog, the Land of the Dead, an owl, a minotaur, and a very alien Cat. Earth and Air is the third and final book in a trilogy of shared collections connected by the four classical elements. It follows previous volumes<i>Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits</i> and <i>Fire: Tales of Elemental Spirits,</i> written by both Peter Dickinson and Robin McKinley.<br><br>Ridiki is Steff’s beloved dog, named after Eurydice, whom the poet Orpheus tried to bring back from the dead. When, like her namesake, Ridiki is bitten by a snake and dies, Steff decides that he too should journey to the Underworld to ask the King of the Land of the Dead for his dog back.<br><br>Mari is the seventh child of a family in which troll blood still runs. When her husband goes missing in a Scottish loch, she must draw upon the power of her blood to rescue him. Sophie, a young girl, fashions a witch’s broomstick out of an ash sapling, and gets more than she bargained for. An escaped slave, Varro, must kill a gryphon, in order to survive. A boy named Yanni allies himself with an owl and a goddess in order to fight an ancient evil. A group of mind-bonded space travelers must face an unknown threat and solve the murder of a companion before time runs out.<br><br>All of these stories are about, in one way or another, the contrary and magical pull of two elements, Earth and Air. Each story showcases the manifold talents of a master storyteller and craftsman who has twice won the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Award, as well as the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.<br><br>A Junior Library Guild Selection<br><br>&quot;These unusual, memorable tales from a much-admired writer should appeal both to teens and Dickinson’s adult fans.&quot;<i>Publishers Weekly</i><br><br>&quot;Strange, sometimes beautiful tales.&quot;<i>Kirkus Reviews</i><br><br>Praise for <i>Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits</i><br><br>World Fantasy Award finalist<br><br>&quot;There is plenty here to excite, enthrall, and move even the pickiest readers.&quot;<i>School Library Journal</i><br><br>&quot;... a collection of enchanting tales.&quot;<i>Publishers Weekly</i><br><br>Praise for <i>Fire: Tales of Elemental Spirits</i><br><br>&quot;This collection of beautifully crafted tales will find a warm welcome.&quot;<i>School Library Journal</i><br><br>&quot;Dickinson’s offerings are notable for their sophisticated magical thinking and subtlety of expression.&quot;<i>The Horn Book</i><br><br>&quot;Dickinson’s stories are told with a storyteller’s cadence.&quot;<i>Booklist</i><br><br>This collection ... offers something for every fantasy fan.”<i>Library Media Connection</i><br><br>Praise for Peter Dickinson's children's books:<br><br>&quot;One of the real masters of children's literature.&quot;Philip Pullman<br><br>&quot;Peter Dickinson is a national treasure.&quot;<i>The Guardian</i><br><br>&quot;Magnificent. Peter Dickinson is the past-master story-teller of our day.&quot;<i>The Times Literary Supplement</i><br><br><b>Peter Dickinson</b> is the author of over fifty books including <i>Eva</i>, <i>Emma Tupper's Dairy</i>, and the Michael L. Printz Honor Book <i>The Ropemaker</i>. He has twice received the Crime Writers' Association's Gold Dagger as well as the Guardian Award and Whitbread Prize. He lives in England and is married to the novelist Robin McKinley.</div> - (Perseus Publishing)