<p>The fourth bookin the epic saga of humankind'swar of transcendence</p><p>Humanity had appeared to fend off theSh'daar assault once and for all, though they never learned why the alien empire was driven to halt Earth's advancement toward technological Singularity.</p><p>But in this war of worlds, victory is always elusive.And now a new battle begins.</p><p>After twenty years of peace, not one but two fragiletruces are unraveling. Alexander Koenig, the former Navycommander whose heroics forced the Sh'daar intosubmission, has won a second term as President of theUnited States of North America. But pursuing hismandate&#8212;sovereignty from the centuries-old EarthConfederation&#8212;becomes a risky proposition dueto events taking place on the other side of the galaxy.A Confederation research vessel has been ambushed.Destroyers are descending on a human colony. It seemsthe Sh'daar have betrayed their treaty, and allnations must stand united&#8212;or face certain death.</p> - (HARPERCOLL)