<DIV>&ldquo;In this book, you feel the presence of wolves the same way people who knew the forests felt it in centuries past: through signs so subtle that most of us would miss them. As an expert tracker of wild animals, David Moskowitz enjoys a unique perspective, and here he shares it with us. He makes the rarely seen Northwestern wolf real in a way that no mere recounting of scientific findings could do.&rdquo; &mdash;Daniel Mathews, author of <I>Cascade-Olympic Natural History</I><BR /> &#160;<BR /> &ldquo;Dave Moskowitz has written a captivating, comprehensive, fair, and accurate portrait of one of the most magical yet most misunderstood species on the planet. I pray that this book gets the attention it deserves.&rdquo; &mdash;Martha Handler, President of the Board of the Wolf Conservation Center, New York<BR /> &#160;</DIV> - (Workman Press.)