<p>Darius<br />A supersmart writer. His two escapes: his alter ego, Fury, a peregrine falcon; and hanging out with Twig. Darius thinks Twig could go far as a top-notch runner. But Darius isn&#39;t so sure about himself. Is it possible for an artist&#39;s life to lead anywhere?</p><p>Twig<br />An outstanding middle-distance runner. When Twig runs, he&#39;s the only one to beat.</p><p>Darius &#38; Twig<br />Best friends. They need to navigate their Harlem world: the gangs, the bullies, an absent dad, an abusive uncle, the sleazy side of sports, the uncertainty of an artist&#39;s prospects. And they need to figure out how to grow up together, but apart.</p><p>Author Walter Dean Myers says, &#34;You cannot live someone else&#39;s dream. <em>Darius &#38; Twig</em> is about needing to live your own dream.&#34;</p> - (HARPERCOLL)