<p>Alexandra Aldrich grew up in the servants' quarters of Rokeby, the forty-three-room Astor mansion built by her ancestors, foraging for her next meal, battling for dominance with her wealthier first cousins, and striving to get her pathologically distracted parents to take care of her. </p><p>Amid the chaos and squalor of the household, Alexandra tried to impose order on her anarchic world. But a parent's betrayal ignited a series of familial feuds that shook her hard-won stability and set her on a path toward escaping her troubled branch of the Astor legacy. </p><p><em>The Astor Orphan</em> is an unflinching memoir with the grit of <em>The Glass Castle</em> and the faded glory of <em>Grey Gardens</em>.</p> - (HARPERCOLL)