<p>2040. The Long Earth is in chaos. . . .</p><p>The cataclysmic Yellowstone eruption is shutting down civilization. Populations flee to the safety of stepwise Earths. Sally Linsay, Joshua Valiente, and Lobsang are all involved in the perilous clean-up.</p><p>But Joshua faces a crisis close to home. From deep in the Long Earth, a new breed of super-bright post-humans is emerging&#8212;but &#34;normal&#34; human society is turning against them.</p><p>Meanwhile, Commander Maggie Kauffman embarks on an expedition to the unexplored limits of the Long Earth, and Sally is contacted by her father, Willis&#8212;inventor of the original Stepper. He is planning a voyage of his own&#8212;across the Long Mars. But what is his true motivation?</p><p>For Joshua, for humankind, for the Long Earth itself&#8212;everything is different now.</p> - (HARPERCOLL)