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Drawing heavily from the core principles of the popular text A Course in Miracles, Bernstein has developed a six-week "mind cleanse" plan that shifts thought patterns from fear to love. She delightfully warns readers that pursuing this plan may cause miracles, explaining that "each moment you choose love over fear is a miracle." Divided into six chapters, one for each week, the book guides readers through simple but effective daily exercises and practices that progressively build the mental muscles for gratitude, forgiveness, and love—the core precepts for living a miraculous life. The author discovered firsthand that such subtle shifts in thinking don't necessarily change what happens to you in life, but will change how you experience what happens. In turn, these inner shifts allow us to have a greater effect in our society and may even inspire us to become a "miracle worker in the world." Spiritual seekers of any stripe can benefit from following this perky and pragmatic plan outlining a path for radical change—one of transforming fear into love—and perhaps discover lasting happiness along the path. Agent: Michele Martin, MDM Management (Dec.)

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