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In the apocalyptic aftermath of a nuclear war between the faerie and human realms, both worlds are literally crumbling away. Challenging their races' mutual hatred and prejudice, humans and faeries work to save both worlds. The emotional beats are stilted, but this innovative fantasy trilogy's (Bones of Faerie; Faerie Winter) closer continues to explore complex concepts, bringing character arcs to fitting conclusions.

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Simner returns to the post-apocalyptic world of Liza and her loved ones in this conclusion to the Bones of Faerie trilogy. When Matthew, in his wolf form, traverses from the faerie to human world with a decaying leaf in his fur, Liza begins investigating, which leads her, Matthew, Karin, and young Allie, the healer, to discover that both faerie and human worlds are at risk from a steady, crumbling decay. Liza and Allie are taken by Nys into the world of faerie to help heal faeries who have been injured by a fiery force that destroys them from without and within. Nys blames the humans for the fire of destruction. But Liza, Allie, and their companions, both human and faerie, continue to work to stop the destruction and to weave the two worlds back together Fans of the first two novels of this series will be delighted to read the wrap-up to this trilogy. Knowledge of the first two books is essential for understanding this satisfying conclusion. Liza continues to be a strong female protagonist, and the supporting cast of characters, both faerie and human, are well drawn and interesting. Besides the suspense of survival, this story also explores the themes of use and abuse of powers and talents. This is a satisfying finish to the Bones of Faerie trilogy that both junior and senior high students will be eager to read.—Mary Ann Darby 4Q 4P J S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.