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Geared to middle-grade classroom assignments, this title in the America the Beautiful series is also a fun read, with a chatty style, open design, and color photos, maps, screens, and charts on just about every spread. Students doing research for reports will welcome the extensive back matter with up-to-date online resources and with suggestions for projects in history, science, technology, math, writing, art, and more; and throughout each detailed chapter––on the land, First Peoples, exploration and settlement, today s cities, government, economy, and places to visit––there are mini-bio screens with Web sites to find out about important people, from Geronimo and César Chávez to Sandra Day O Connor and John McCain. The final travel guide uses clear maps to talk about the Grand Canyon, the Hopi reservation, sports events, museums, and more exciting places to visit online and on the ground. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.