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Throughout history, our ancestors traveled by foot, as illustrated in classic novels in which characters walk by fields and woods to nearby villages or far-away cities. In North America, Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, and John Muir led the way for many adventurers who explored the frontier. No fences or "no trespassing" signs blocked their ways. In the twenty-first century, modern transportation removes the need to walk, and restrictive American property laws block walkers from traditional trails and open lands. In the U.S., few places other than national parks, beaches, and long-distance hiking trails remain open for lengthy outdoor wandering. According to Ilgunas, most open land should be ours to traverse. He describes the benefits of responsible, open access to land, citing examples of more liberal laws and traditions in European countries and prescribing rules and regulations to reassure land owners. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy this book. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.