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Readers wondering what happened to Otto after being kidnapped in the last Higher Institute of Villainous Education book won't have long to wait, as he opens this fifth book by murdering previous allies in the escalating war between supervillain factions. With Otto mind-controlled by enemies, Nero is forced to issue a kill order. Walden pulls even further back from the H.I.V.E students in this darker entry, with numerous inaccessible plots requiring dense explanations and lengthy fight scenes between characters with few defining characteristics. This book may be a turning point for readers grown tired of lack of development. Superfans, though, will fight on. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.

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Otto, our hero who's been missing from the Higher Institute of Villainous Education since the last installment, fills his long-intended purpose as the next human vessel for the artificially intelligent but sentient Overlord. Otto's erstwhile allies face a dilemma: destroy Otto or let him destroy humanity? Followers of the series will find the action, moderate violence, and occasional humor they anticipate.