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A scholarly, thoughtful, and serious compendium of thinking about contemporary jewelry, from uncovering its origins to considering its definition among the do-it-yourself trend. Auckland museum curator and author (Pocket Guide to New Zealand Jewelry, 2010, among others) Skinner invites 19 colleagues worldwide to contribute on topics such as the more traditional jewelry (early twentieth-century art jewelry in the art deco and art nouveau eras) to piercings and tattoos in postmodern societies (in the sense that contemporary jewelry has an ongoing relationship with the body). Perhaps the most universally appealing section is the middle, where specific concepts—drawers (for ­storage), the bench (cum artist's workshop), and the plinth (primary space on/within which the art object is placed on view)—are quickly analyzed and determined as a property or space belonging to contemporary jewelry. Color photographs elucidate the expert's points and occasionally astound, or even revolt, as accompaniments to the articles. A tome for the eclectic reader and fan of today's artistry in jewelry. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.