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In this encouraging business tome, Hopkins explains how average workers can catapult their careers to a new level. Presenting 10 shortcuts over the course of the book's three parts—Find Your Field of "Play," Develop an Unfair Advantage, and Recruit Allies—he explains how to find a field to be passionate about, how to acquire and best learn from a mentor, and how to build genuine and effective work relationships. Central to the message is what the author calls a "Prosperity Cycle": making a "decision to do something," whether that is motivated by a "compelling personal vision" or "personal hardship"; followed by "self-discipline & focused effort," then by "a win or a learning moment," and finally "confidence & perseverance." Exercises such as "identifying your personal values" and determining a "personal vision" provide the foundation on which to build, and readers are also counseled that failure isn't bad, it's simply a learning experience. The author's reassuring yet realistic tone provides the tools anyone needs to be successful in business—and in personal goals—granted they are willing to do the work. This practical guide would be a useful addition to anyone's business library. (Feb.)

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