Horn Book Guide Reviews

Each workmanlike volume offers an overview of the titular wild canine species, covering habitat, diet, pack life, etc., with a focus on the birth and development of pups/kits. Though somewhat stiffly written, the books provide basic information; some text is repeated across volumes. Crisp, close-up stock photos in full color portray the cute pups and formidable adults. Reading list. Glos., ind.

School Library Journal Reviews

K-Gr 3—The lives of eight wild canines-from birth to adulthood-are introduced in these accessible titles. The texts are comprised of short sentences set in a large font. While most of the young ones are adorable, only the fennec foxes retain their endearing quality through maturity. In contrast, adult African wild dogs, dingoes, and jackals can be scary looking. Bright color photos, many full-spread, dominate the pages. Some shots border on graphic. For example, one photo shows a coyote parent carrying a dead rabbit and another presents an African wild dog with a bloody carcass in its mouth. Each volume offers a size comparison between the subject and a human adult and child and a map that shows where the species live. Side boxes enhance but do not interrupt the texts. Picture glossaries conclude every book. Perfect for beginning readers, novice report writers, and browsers.

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