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While step-by-step drawing books are easy to find, these four colorful volumes from the Learn to Draw series cover topics somewhat off the beaten track. Each book presents six four-page projects. For each, the first double-page spread features a large photo of the insect, sport, vehicle, or structure to be drawn, surrounded by a number of informational text boxes. The next spread includes a smaller version of the photo along with nine illustrated steps for drawing its subject, beginning with a simple stick figure and ending with a more detailed color picture. With blue ink indicating the new lines in each stage of a black drawing, the steps are relatively easy to follow, though more intricately detailed pictures are more difficult to reproduce. When following the directions at step eight, readers must figure out for themselves which are the "extra lines" to erase. Using Insects, readers can draw a butterfly, a grasshopper, or a praying mantis. Good supplemental drawing books for larger collections. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.