Select Availability for the title in your search results to get detailed information about where copies of a title are located, Availability information is displayed in a separate small window. You can select X in the corner to close the window.

Since there may be several copies of a title in the library or the library system, there may be more than one entry in the list. Each entry is a separate item. The entries are organized first by location, then by collection at each location. You can select the plus sign (+) to expand the listings for a location or collection, or select the minus sign (-) to hide them.

Note: The Availability button and availability information may not be displayed for certain types of materials, and are not displayed for titles found in remote databases (sources outside the library’s own catalog).

For serials such as magazines or newspapers, a summary of what issues the branch keeps appears just below the branch name. Expand the list to see individual issues.

Certain items may be marked by special icons:

Icon Description

You may be able to request that the library hold a specific copy of the title for you. Select the icon to request a specific copy.

Some item information may include notes in which the library offers additional information about items. Select the icon to view the notes.

Your library may allow you to send a text message containing the item’s call number to your mobile phone. When you select the Text It icon, a small window opens. If you are logged in and your library account record includes a phone number designated for text messages and a carrier, the Phone number and Carrier fields are already set. Otherwise, type the phone number to receive the text message and select a carrier from the list. Then select Send.

There is a charge to check out this item.

An item on reserve for a course is marked by the course reserve icon. Select the icon to search for the course record.

Designation column - If you are viewing a periodical such as a magazine, a Designation column displays the volume number, issue, and date of each entry.

Call numbers - The availability list may display call numbers. These call numbers help to identify the shelf location of each item at the branch.

Note: You can see the same availability information in the full display for a title.