Creating a Username

If your library offers these features, you can create a username to use instead of your account barcode number when you log in. Your username is not available to library staff. If you forget both your username and password, you must contact the library. Staff can assign a new password. Using this and your account barcode number, you can set up a new username. You must know your account barcode number and password to create a usename.

To create a username for an existing account

  1. Click or tap Log In at the top of the page, or select My Record on the My Account menu.
  2. The log-in form appears.

  3. Select Create Username.
  4. The Create Username form opens.

  5. Type your account barcode number and your password, and select Next Step.
  6. The My Record page for your account appears. The Change Logon area, where you specify your new username, is expanded.

  7. Select (check) Change Username.
  8. Type your username in the New Username box, and type it again in the Verify Username box.
  9. The username must be a minimum of 4 alpha-numeric characters, not more than 50 characters, and cannot contain spaces. It must begin with an alpha character. The following special characters are also allowed: - (dash), _ (underscore), . (period), and @ (at). The username must not contain two special characters next to each other, and cannot match an existing account barcode.

  10. Select Save.
  11. A confirmation message appears. If your library account information includes an email address, you will also receive a confirmation email message.